Saving a tooth with Root Canal Therapy

The last thing a dentist likes to propose to a patient is an extraction. Your natural tooth is usually stronger and more efficient at biting and chewing, and easier to maintain. No matter how good a replacement can be made, the original is always better.

If you have a tooth that is in the early stage of causing problems from decay or infection of the pulp inside the tooth, Root Canal Therapy can save your tooth.

Symptoms of and infected pulp are:

  • pain
  • sensitivity to hot or cold
  • tooth discolouration
  • swelling or soreness in the gums

During the therapy the dentist will remove the pulp of the tooth and pack the recess with antimicrobial fillers and then the pulp chambers are sealed. In some cases it is recommended that the added protection of a crown is placed on the tooth as the teeth can become brittle and more susceptible to fractures.

Saving the tooth by root canal therapy takes a few visits (usually 3) over a period of time (around 4-6 weeks) as the process has several distinct stages.

Our experienced dentists will ensure the correct diagnosis and inform you of the benefits and risks of the procedure. A comprehensive treatment plan will be produced so that you are informed of all the costs involved before starting any treatment.

Treatment is carried out using our advanced equipment which makes the procedure quicker, safer and more comfortable for the patient.