Dentures are false teeth that are worn to replace missing teeth. If you have missing teeth wearing dentures can make eating and speaking easier. It can avoid a loss of confidence in the way you look.

Dentures are specifically made to fit your mouth and may be

  • Full Dentures (replacing all your natural teeth in one or both arches)
  • Partial Dentures (replaces a few missing teeth, and supported by the remaining teeth)
  • Implant retained dentures (dentures supported by implants fixed into your jaw)

Our dental team can examine your mouth and remaining teeth and advise you of suitable options.

Call our clinic on 08 87 230 230 to arrange a consultation time to discuss your individual situation.

For further information about dentures please visit the link below

ADA: Dentures


If you play a contact sport, as many Aussies do, you risk injuring your teeth.

Many sports (eg. all codes of football, basketball, hockey) have a risk of contact and therefore serious dental injury. Once injured, there may follow a lifetime of treatment and expense.

A Mouthguard is a removable polyvinyl appliance worn over your top teeth to protect your teeth and jaw from sport-related impacted injuries.

A custom made Mouthguard is the best protection in these circumstances as over-the-counter devices usually are usually loose and ill-fitting.

Contact our clinic to arrange an appointment for a mouthguard impression.

Our On-site laboratory will construct your custom mouthguard in your chosen one or two colours within a week.

For further information about mouthguards visit the links below

ADA: Sports and First Aid

ADA: Mouthguards

ADA: Play it Safe

Gambier Dental Laboratory on-site service

Limestone Coast Dental is one of few dentist premises with their own Dental Laboratory on-site.

Gambier Dental Laboratory produce Dentures (Full or Partial), Custom Mouth Guards and Night Guards. We can also do denture relines and repairs.

With the  on-site laboratory we can offer a fast turn around with high quality workmanship.